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Lipo-Safe Charging Sack

Lipo-Safe Charging Sack


***Please not that this lipo safe sack is designed to minimize the effects of a lipo if it were to fail during charging, the battery is still able to cause damage and fire to the surrounding surface. Remember this sack isn't designed to 100% suppress a fire if your battery catches fire while charging. Take safety precaution when charging and transporting lipo batteries***

  • Features

    - Prevents and reduces the chance of damage in the event of a lipo battery fire

    - Ensures battery stays in a protected container while charging

    - Made from fire resistant glass fiber material (Does not prevent 100% of all damages)

    - Secure heat resistant closure helps muffle majority of the damage that can be caused if lipo battery were to fail

  • Specification

    Brand: Zion Arms

    Size: Can fit most airsoft lipo batteries

    Sack Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.3 x 2 inches

    Color: Black

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