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Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit

Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit



The Zion Arms Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) is a fully programmable trigger unit that transforms your airsoft replica into an advanced firing machine by offering a wide variety of shooting modes that is easily programmable on the fly. This ETU is compatible with most M4/M16 Version 2 airsoft AEG gearboxes so that makes this ETU a worth while upgrade component for your airsoft replica.  This fully programmable ETU offers an easy to operate programming board that allows for binary trigger controls, and a variety of burst modes. By having a programmable ETU it unleases a unique tactical advantage as it allows for faster trigger response compared to traditional trigger setups.



- Manufacturer: Zion Arms

- Compatibility: For Zion Arms, G&G, KWA, E&L, Arcturus, Lancer Tactical M4/M16 Version 2 Gearboxes

- Battery Voltage: 7v - 17v LiPo Ready

- Wiring Direction: Rear Wired



- The Zion Arms Programmable ETU is the perfect upgrade trigger unit for you Version 2 gearbox

- This ETU offers a wide range of preset configurations ranging from 2 round burst all the way to 5 round burst, with a binary trigger option

- Compared to a regular trigger unit that uses trigger contacts, this ETU unleashes your AEG's maximum potential while also maintaining its reliability due to it being electronic activated

- The burst modes and binary modes will help change the functionality of your AEG and offers a faster rate of fire without having to change the gears or pistons of you AEG

- Very easy to program via trigger and selector feature that allows for changing firing modes quick and easy in a matter of seconds without any linking devices

- To enter program mode you simply turn the fire selector twice from semi to auto and a beep will sound, pulling the trigger will cycle through the different firing modes

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